Consignment Sales

Consignment Sales at 15% – We’ll sell your gun for you!

We can sell your firearm for you! Here at All Shooters Tactical we sell firearms on consignment for just 15% of the sale price.

Customers come to our Woodbridge, Virginia gun shop wanting to sell their firearms via consignment sales on a regular basis. This not only helps our shop maintain an ever-changing and extremely varied inventory, it also has many benefits for the seller. The benefits of selling a firearm via consignment sale include: not having to meet a stranger to sell your gun, not having to worry about the buyer’s background or the legality of the sale, and none of your time wasted trying to sell your gun. We have sold guns on consignment for many customers, and would be happy to assist you in selling yours.

How consignment sales at All Shooters Tactical work:

  • Bring your firearm in and let us know you would like to us to sell it as a consignment sale. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in setting a reasonable price that is in line with the overall value of the gun and any included accessories (magazines, original box, optics, owner’s manual, etc.).
  • Once a price has been set for your firearm, you will need to sign a receipt to transfer the firearm to us so we can put it on display as a consignment sale.
  • We will put your firearm out on display at our store and work to sell it for you.
  • Once we have a buyer, we will require the buyer to fill out all the usual paperwork just like purchasing a new firearm. So you can rest assured that whoever purchases your firearm is doing so within the law.
  • After the sale has been finalized, we will call you to come to the shop and pick up your money.
  • Should you change your mind about selling your firearm, you may come pick it up at any time. Upon pickup, you will be required to fill out the paperwork as if you were purchasing a new firearm from us.

Selling a firearm can be a hassle. Let the experienced staff at our gun store do the work of selling your firearm for you. All you have to do is wait for a call from our gun shop letting you know your firearm has sold!