Danish model 1867 Rolling blocks


Danish model 1867,  Remington design,  Rolling blocks

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The Danes elected to license the Remington design Rolling blocks for manufacture in Denmark at the Copenhagen arsenal, which they did in fairly large quantity. The Danish model first utilized a rimfire cartridge and that stayed in service well into the smokeless era. The rifle came from an Estate sale.  The bore is clean and shiny

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:   Have we mentioned the long backsight leaf? At 3 1/4 inches it’s quite long :). Left receiver flat is stamped with a Crown over the royal cypher over the marks M-1867. The right receiver wall is generally bare and the upper tang is marked Kjobenhavns Toihuus 18xx (Copenhagen Arsenal date of manufacture).  Centerfire converted rifles chamber a cartridge near to the US Govt. .45-70, the 11.7x51R, a bit shorter and a bit larger. A .45-70 will function but will expand at the base and may overcrimp at the neck, not safe conditions. The rimfire cartridge was somewhat shorter but usable in the converted rifles.  In fact, after conversion, the rifle could fire either rimfire or centerfire ammunition.

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