Protective Gear

Protective Gear – Eyewear & Hearing Protection

Proper protective gear is an important part of shooting. We have many safety shooting glasses, ear muffs and ear plugs to choose from in our gun shop. When it comes to protective gear, choosing gear that fits right and feels comfortable is important. With our selection, finding what fits you best is easy!

We have a variety of shooting glasses with different lense color choices to choose from. Whether you’re shooting at an indoor range, or outdoors, we are sure to have shooting glasses to meet your particular needs.

Our selection of hearing protection includes everything from small ear plugs to electronic ear muffs. The ear muffs we carry are adjustable to ensure a good fit, which is necessary when it comes to the ear protection being worn while shooting.

Protective Eyewear: protective gear - safety shooting glasses

  • Beretta Shooting Glasses, multiple lense colors
  • Howard Leight Protective Eyewear, interchangeable lenses

Hearing Protection:

  • Beretta Standard Hearing Muffs, adjustable head band, air-gel foam ear cushions
  • Ear Pro EP3, EP4 and EP5 Sonic Defenders ear plugs
  • Howard Leight Premium Earmuff
  • Impact Pro Shooter’s Electronic Hearing Protection